July 2017 –

  • PsychCentral – In Storybooks, Fewer Pictures Help Build Vocabulary Skills
  • The Indian Express – Too many pictures in books hinder kid’s word learning
  • Hindustan Times – Parents, take note: Picture books may not help your child learn more words
  • The India News 24 – Too many pictures in books hinder kid’s word learning
  • Telangana Today – Too many pictures in books hinder kid’s word learning, says a study
  • Mail Online – Less is more when it comes to story time: Books with over one picture per page limit vocabulary learning in toddlers
  • Her Family – When it comes to early reading, child development experts say that ‘less is more’ on the picture book front.
  • Schools Improvement – Picture books with too many illustrations ‘hinder children’s vocabulary learning’
  • Education Research Report – Picture overload hinders children’s word learning from storybooks
  • Evolance – Picture books with more images makes it harder for children to learn new words

June 2017 – 

  • ScienceDaily – Picture overload hinders children’s word learning from storybooks
  • UPI – Too many pictures in books hinder children’s word learning
  • DolphinSix – Too many pictures in books hinder children’s word learning
  • KnowYourLeak – Can Too Many Illustrations In Books Hinder Children’s Word Learning?
  • myScience – Picture overload hinders children learning new words in storybooks, study finds

April 2017 –

March 2017 –

  • Dadult Life – Reading children bedtime stories – the habits and benefits
  • myScience  – If at first you don’t succeed: Why repetition may hold key to helping children with specific language impairment
  • – Most parents ban tech before bedtime to read from a story book
  • Medical Xpress – Why repetition may hold key to helping children with specific language impairment
  • Education Matters Magazine – Storybook reading could help with vocabulary
  • PediaStaff – Repetition May Hold Key in Aiding Children with Specific Language Impairment

February 2017 –

  • Parent Herald – Reading habits, afternoon naps helps in acquiring better learning skills in toddlers

December 2016 –

  • Babycenter – Why does my toddler love repetition?

June 2016 –

May 2016 – Our paper demonstrating the benefits of repeated reading is also discussed here:

April 2016 – Our story-before-nap paper is reported on again!

August 2015 and October 2015 – Repetition is the becoming the key for lots of parent readers

  • Smart Care – Reinforcing Reading – Bedtime, Naptime and Downtime
  • In Prosocial Media we’re mentioned as part of a discussion on children’s fondness for repetition
  • Better Reading – Why reading that same, favourite book at bedtime is doing your preschooler good
  • Kids and Language – Repetition: The Mother of All Learning
  • Playful Bee Blog – Three Tips to Encourage Your Child’s Growing Vocabulary

January 2015 – Our story-before-nap paper was also mentioned inside:

  •  Mamiverse article – How to Get a Toddler to Nap Properly

December 2014 – Our repeated reading paper blogged about by fellow Sussex University academic:

August 2014 and September 2014 – Picked up by the local news and further discussions of our repeated readings paper

April 2014 – Discussions about our story-before-nap paper were also featured in:

March 2014 – Our story-before-nap paper was also discussed in:

  • Brainposts – Naptime Stories Boost Word Learning in Children
  • QANursery – Nap time important for boosting children’s vocabulary, researchers say
  • World News – Study shows afternoon naps benefit young children’s learning (University of Sussex)
  • Sina Education (we’ve gone international!) – “Diversity” books a waste of money, repeated books provides high reading efficiency
  • Brain Posts [Neuroscience Medicine] – Naptime Stories Boost Word Learning in Children

  • SageMed – Brief insights about childhood sleep problems

February 2014 – Read about the benefits of story time before a nap in:

  • Counsel & Heal – A Story Before Nap Time Could Improve Learning for Toddlers
  • Medical Xpress – Reading to toddlers before naps significantly enhances learning
  • NurseryWorld – An afternoon nap can help children learn new words
  • – Toddlers Who Take Naps Retain More Information
  • Dyslexia Untied – Reading before a nap benefits learning for toddlers
  • Business Centre – Reading to a preschooler before bedtime develops intellect
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding – Reading before bed develops mental abilities of children

January 2014 –

  • OUPblog – Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore!

August 2013 and December 2013 – Repetitive book reading findings continue to be reported on!

May 2013-

April 2013 and September 2013 – People are blogging about our repeated reading findings:

March 2013 – Repeated readings really do help! Bring out the same book:

  • Daily Mail  – Why children learn faster with only a few books: Repeatedly reading the same book to toddlers helps them learn new words
  • TechyVille – Research Shows Repetition Helps Toddlers Learn Faster
  • The National – Tips to ensure that your child has a wide vocabulary
  • IOL News – Again, again! Let’s learn to read
  • Happy News – Repeatedly Reading the Same Book to Toddlers Helps Them Learn New Words
  • Here we were ‘blogged’ about by Tumblr user Aspies
  • Independent – Again, again! That is the best way to learn to read
  • NZ Herald – Repetitive reading helps kids learn
  • Pearls of Jannah – Repetition helps, Repetition helps.
  • Language Tips – Repeatedly reading the same book to toddlers helps them learn new words
  • The Tribune – Familiar books help children retain new words
  • Bookshevels in the Cul-de-Sac – Read it again!
  • Schools Improvement – Research suggests re-reading is the best way for pre-school children to learn to read
  • Babble – Read It Again, Mom

June 2011

February 2011 – More than once is much better! Read about the effects of repeated storybook reading in:

  • Dyslexia A2Z – Repeating children’s stories boosts their vocabulary
  • The Herald – Repetitive Reading Aids Child Learning
  • Enroll – Again and Again (and Again): The Power of Reading the Same Book Repetitively
  • KidzList – Never-ending Story: How Repetition Helps A Child’s Vocabulary
  • Independent –  Parents urged to repeat stories
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  • High Beam Research – Story repetition helps kids acquire new vocabulary
  • Growing Your Baby – Repetitive Reading Helps Toddlers Learn
  • The Argus – Children who want same story learn more, Sussex academics discover
  • Teaching Personnel – Repeat reading key to vocabulary growth
  • Press Reader – Re-reading books ‘aids learning’