Tips For Reading

  • Read together as often as possible (every day if you can)
  • Read and repeat the same stories over and over again
  • Read together before naps and bedtime
  • Choose books that your child enjoys (You can recommend some favourites here)
  • Read both books that rhyme and those that do not
  • Ask your child questions as you read (There are some ideas for these posted along with our book reviews!)
  • Encourage your child to ask you questions too
  • Let your child see you enjoy reading
  • Visit your local library, if you have one. It is free and fun
  • Read words without books. For example, read signs, point out words and letters
  • Store books within reach, somewhere you and your child relax together
  • Utilise the growing world of phone apps. For example, the National Literacy Trust  guide to language learning apps
  • Read and repeat!

Many thanks to Sophie Williams for contributions