Dogger. Written and illustrated by: Shirley Hughes. Published by: Random House Books

Summary: Dogger is Dave’s favourite toy in the whole world. But one day Dogger goes missing, and when Dave finds him at the school fair, Dogger has already been bought by someone else! Dave turns to his big sister to help get Dogger back.

Why it’s worth repeating: This book allows you to follow Dave’s emotions as he loses, finds and subsequently loses Dogger again. Safe in the knowledge that there is a happy ending, you and your child can repeat this book and talk about how Dave’s feelings change during the story and the kindness of big sister Bella’s help

 Things to talk about while you read:

  • What’s your favourite toy?
  • How do you think Dave felt when Dogger went missing?
  • How would you feel if your favourite toy went missing?
  • That Bella was very kind to swap her teddy for Dogger

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